Malibu's Wakesetter 23 LSV is a staple in the wakeboard world, and it's one of the best surf boats on the market thanks to its just-right size and perfect hull design.



The 12-inch tilting display at the top has just about everything you need in a new interface that's way more intuitive, and the auxiliary screen shows maps, music and deeper functions like screen backlighting, service alarms, depth alarms and even throttle profiles.


You'll love the new rotary switch to the left. It lets you take care of everything you need to drive the boat with hands-on analog functionality.


We obviously have to mention Surf Gate. This hull is one of the best in the Malibu line for Surf Gate, and one of the best on the water for surf system boats. The 23 LSV has a ton of push and it's really easy to use with the new rotary switch. The system has horns that tell you exactly when the gate will transfer so it's more realistic to do technical tricks from one side to the other while you're riding.


Boat has 77 hours goes up slightly as we use it in CDA, Idaho. Full gatorstep (just received swim deck piece and will install for new owner, 2000 amp wetsounds/kicker system.


Over $15,000 invested in the sound system. Runs great and is very nice

2015 Malibu 23 LSV




    LIBERTY LAKE, WA 99019


    TEL: 509-435-3440


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