2001 BMW M5


After a wait that must have been agonizing to lovers of the racy six-cylinder M3, BMW has finally engineered a high-performance V8 into the M5. And it has been racking up raves like no high-performance sedan in history. With a six-speed gearbox and 394 horsepower, the M5 on the 5 Series platform is a totally civilized sedan with racing car capabilities.


Let's start with the big, throbbing, heart of the car: its engine. At 302 cubic inches, the engine is not huge; but 21st century technology draws a heavy punch from a small package, so think of this 5.0-liter V8 as really big. The speed specs on the fastest production sedan on the planet? Acceleration from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds; quarter mile in 13.3 seconds at 108 mph; top speed electronically limited to 155 mph, which in sixth gear would be a casual 5200 rpm or so.


The six-speed gearbox, a fortified version of that found in the 540i, shifts with tight precision, having a relatively short throw. And sixth gear is not too tall, so you still have torque to accelerate without downshifting at 60 mph. The throttle blip during heel-and-toe downshifts was responsive, but we didn't find the pedals perfectly matching our feet and legs.


The brakes are magic, flawless, breaking a barrier for power, consistency and easy control during hard usage. We were so dazzled that we forgot to test the ABS-like, the brakes are so good that the notion of a “panic” stop never occurred to us. The front rotors are 13.6 inches and the rear 12.9, which says most of it.


The BMW M5 redefines fast and smooth. Its suspension is perfectly comfortable while offering unmatchable grip, the steering is perfectly precise, the brakes are perfectly strong and steady. The M5's competitors are the Mercedes AMG E55 and Jaguar XJR, which, by objective measures, are blown out of the water by the M5.


This well equipped 2001 BMW M5 (VIN: WBSDE93411BZ97918) has 103,129 miles. It has numerous features and many popular options, a clear AutoCheck history, all original keys, thorough service records, and is ready to go.


We are offering this exceptional vehicle for $23,997


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2001 BMW M5




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